I have always loved makeup and it's transfomative powers.  I didn't start my journey as a makeup artist in a traditional way. I studied Art Education at Massuchsetts College of Art. I had always loved to paint portraits and realism pieces. It wasn't till I was well into my program that I even considered the professional world of makeup.  I had always been fascinated with it and loved to spend hours in makeup stores specializing in makeup.  I started doing  my friends makeup for events and realized my true passion. It was just like painting, you could create highlights and contours to the face to change the structure. You could enhance the features you want and soften the ones you didn't.


I have spent countless hours studying makeup and techniques used by some of the best makeup artists. I completed my certification at Los Angeles MakeupSchool gaining more insight to the industry. There is constant change with new ideas and fresh new approaches to application and techniques.


Making a client happy is the most rewarding part of what I do. It still excites me when someone looks in the mirror after getting their makeup done and is astounded by how beautiful they look. Makeup is not  always about changing but truly enhancing an individuals features to feel their best. It is a field that allows me to constantly evolve and change with the times. I can't imagine doing anything else.


-Jessica Taylor MUA



 I work as a freelance makeup artists on photoshoots as well as television. I continue to do bridal makeup for weddings, which is where I got my start. There is nothing more special than getting to be a part of someones special day.

View more wedding looks at : www.weemalahairandmakeup.com.

I enjoy working on set for television and creating characters as much as I enjoy photoshoots and getting to see the photographers ideas come to life.

Education is an ongoing process;with trends and products always being updated, staying current is a must for my growing success.